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Winery & Vineyard


The wine making process is about balancing intervention with natural processes.  We are responsible for guiding the process of fermentation  and maturation so that the best attributes of the grapes are presented for those natural processes to do their work.  We balance our training in oenology and chemistry with our love for traditional wine making methods and philosophies.


We are passionate about sustainable viticulture and are delighted that we have such a wealth of wildlife at our doorstep. One of the things we were most excited about when we came here was the amount of biodiversity on the Marionette site. With its wealth of old cherry and plum trees surrounding the vineyards the health of the ecosystem is sure to be excellent. This of course means that we will be able to tend to our vineyards without relying on a pesticide treadmill. Our goal is to be a low-input and sustainable producer. We want to work towards balancing the vineyard ecosystem, adapting to and above all respecting the natural processes at work around us.


We see the Salmon Arm area and in particular the North Broadview bench as an exceptional mesoclimate for growing high quality cool climate wine grapes.  Salmon Arm has warm summers but is not so dry that you need to irrigate.   The complex soils and warm aspect of the Marionette vineyard site is what led us to start a winery here. The definition of Terroir however extends beyond the soil, aspect and weather conditions of a place. It also encompasses community and cultural identity. With its wealth of local artesan food producers and farms, its independent film society and very active arts council and music scene, Salmon Arm seems like a perfect place to have a bespoke and regionally expressive winery and vineyard.


In our vineyards we have planted a carefully selected array of varietals that are traditional to European regions.  Our varietals were selected from research in which we compared the growing requirements (Growing Degree Days, number of frost-free days) to the growing season of Salmon Arm (and in particular, our vineyard site).  We were excited to find that some of our favourite traditional and noble varieties were capable of ripening on our site.


The spicy varietal famous for its notes of lycee. It is exciting as both a fresh and complex dry wine  or  as a  more traditional  off- dry wine with an exotic flavour profile.

Pinot gris

A lovely white grape well suited to cooler climate wine regions. It has potential for a very complex flavour profile.

Pinot blanc

The elegant varietal which is gaining ground against its sister variety Pinot Gris. Like Gewurtz, Pinot Blanc traditionally hails from Alsace but has taken on a new sophistication in places like Oregon and in the Okanagan as well

Pinot noir

A high quality French varietal which is widely renowned for being one of the most interesting and diverse wine grapes. It is prominent  in many famous world wines such as high quality champagnes(the white juice is pressed out before the skins colours it) to exquisite Burgundian and Oregonian reds.


A remarkable  Austrian grape which seems to excel in BC but which is relativiely undiscovered outside of its homeland. It has dark notes of black cherry and spice and although it is a cool climate grape it makes a full bodied and well structured red wine that’s worth aging.